The Definitive Guide to Review Swing Trading Stocks

The Definitive Guide to Review Swing Trading Stocks



Is this the definitive guide? Seriously?


Upon encountering the claim that this website is "the definitive guide to swingtrading," skepticism crept in. I pondered, "What could Kevin, the author, possibly enlighten me about swing trading that I haven't already grasped?" The answer, I suspected, was likely nothing.


However, the allure of a free trading software offer accompanied my curiosity. But let's delve into that in a moment.


In a rush? Grab a sneak peek with some downloadable sample chapters.


So, I took the plunge and purchased the package. Kevin's authenticity struck a chord with me from the outset. It was evident that he belonged to the "keeping it real" faction, void of hyperbole. He wasn't about to insult my intelligence with impractical theories divorced from real-world applicability.


Swing Trading Stocks

Here's a snippet from his book:


Amidst the sea of trading offers touting "little-known" or "secret formulas," Kevin dispels the myth. The most profitable secret, he asserts, is that no clandestine or obscure trading method works. The essence of profit lies in making trades aligned with the broader market sentiment. If it's a "secret," it implies few are using it, and that's insufficient to influence stock prices significantly.


Finally, a trader who gets it!


Buoyed by this revelation, I eagerly delved into the rest of the book.


Post-introduction, the book commences with trading basics—a boon for newcomers, skippable for seasoned traders.


The real substance unfolds in subsequent chapters. Kevin delves into trading system optimization, stock selection criteria, and constructing a robust watch list. A noteworthy chapter covers identifying and trading pivot points, offering a perspective distinct from my own.


Technical indicators find a place in this trading system, utilizing two on candlestick charts. While I'm not a fervent supporter of technical indicators, Kevin employs them not for direct buy/sell decisions but to confirm moves, using a unique approach with different time frames.


The guide introduces Swing Trade Levels™—a method for unearthing hidden support and resistance levels, a trademarked strategy exclusive to the guide. Kevin asserts the highest probability lies in price movements within the 2 to 5 percent range.


The book is replete with other valuable insights, encompassing risk control measures, an exit strategy employing moving averages, and a comprehensive trading system checklist.


One downside: the e-book offers only a solitary example trade, leaving me yearning for more to solidify the presented methods. Fortunately, Kevin promises free updates, potentially addressing this limitation.


Update 2017: The latest version includes numerous additional trading examples.


The package also includes the ultimate trading calculator—a versatile tool for position size calculation, trade documentation, and equity curve simulation for your trading system. It even projects profits based on earnings estimates.


Was it worth the investment? Absolutely. Kevin's trading approach resonated with mine, and surprisingly, I gleaned new concepts to integrate into my strategy. Every penny was well spent.


PickingSwing Stocks

When selecting a stock for swing trading, it's advantageous to identify equities that maintain a relatively stable trajectory, characterized by minimal price fluctuations or volatility. Ideally, opt for stocks showing gradual upward or downward trends with consistent price movements, steering clear of excessive volatility. The objective of swing trading is to generate consistent income rather than seeking substantial gains from a single trade.


Here are three stocks known for their liquidity and reliable price performance. It's beneficial to track these stocks and engage in simulated trades before transitioning to live trades with real capital. It is crucial to develop the ability to recognize signals for optimal buying and selling points, bearing in mind that market conditions can evolve, and a strategy that proved successful in the past may not necessarily yield profits in the future.


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